About Us

What Motivates Us

Lumina Pro was founded to help all beauty devotees to look and feel their best with a customizable, luxurious cosmetics experience. We strive to give both professional cosmetologists and beauty aficionados a way to elevate their craft and indulge in self-care with greater convenience and confidence.

What We Want to Achieve

We aim to make beauty effortless through revolutionary cosmetics technology.

Who We Help

We are committed to providing innovative, exceptional products to beauty aficionados, including makeup artists, stylists, estheticians, cosmetics bloggers and influencers, and anyone who wants premier cosmetics products and equipment for their studio or glam room.

What We Do

Lumina Pro offers innovative equipment, cosmetics storage, and lighting for everyone who wants to level up their beauty practice. Each unique, beautiful product is designed to help stylists and makeup artists achieve their dream vanity or studio.

From multifunctional vanity mirrors, to professional studio lighting, to beauty fridges and acrylic organizers, Lumina Pro is dedicated to making cosmetology simpler, more efficient, and ultra-stylish. 

How We Do It

Passion. Celebrating customers’ love of beauty, dedication to improving their skills, and need for reliable, high-quality products.

Innovation. To go beyond simple functionality or pretty looks and bring them together into practical yet stylish beauty tools and technologies. 

Legitimacy. Committed to developing an exceptional cosmetics experience and meeting consumers’ needs with professional-grade technology rather than opportunistic brands like those that flood the market with poor-quality products.

Community. Focused on creating a community of enthusiasts who know the importance of how self-care affects their health and wellness.

Our History

Lumina Pro was founded by two young women entrepreneurs: one with a background in marketing, design, and technology, the other an experienced esthetician. Both had a passion for cosmetics and the art of beauty.

They saw a major gap in the North American cosmetics market for estheticians, MUAs, and beauty devotees: many products that were ostensibly “professional” were actually lacking key features or made for show rather than functionality. Moreover, many of the best products were not available in the market. The founders decided to solve these problems with beauty technology that was two-fold: a perfect blend of practicality with luxury. They began developing luxurious, high-end vanity equipment, such as the Skin Freeze beauty fridge to keep skincare products from spoiling.

And so, Lumina Pro was created to enhance every beauty devotee’s self-care experience, beginning with its flagship product, the Hollywood Mirror. They launched this innovative mirror, which includes Bluetooth technology, dimmable lights, and power outlets, with great success. It was the first crystal vanity mirror designed in North America.

But the Lumina team had something even better in mind: becoming the one-stop-shop for creating your glam room, organizing your makeup and skincare products, and levelling up your beauty practice.

Now, Lumina Pro is cultivating a passionate community, the Glam Fam — united by their appreciation for the art of beauty and empowered by the best tools to create their dream glam room, vanity, or travelling MUA workspace. 

From its high-tech vanity equipment to unique cosmetics storage solutions, Lumina Pro is eager to empower the future of beauty.