MUA Rolling Travel Case

Designed for professional, mobile hair and makeup artists. This lightweight kit will keep your entire collection safe and organized.


Height: 54cm (21")

Width: 36cm (14")

Depth: 27cm (10")

4 detachable canvas pouches
4 zip compartments on the exterior
2x Sturdy double wheels

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Why Do You Need to Have a Makeup Case on Wheels?

If you’re a professional makeup artist, you’re often traveling to client’s homes, wedding venues, movie sets, photo studios…anywhere that your makeup design services are needed! Whether you’re driving yourself or taking public transportation, you’ve got a lot of products to bring with you. Lugging multiple, heavy bags around is tedious and exhausting. Also, your products could get damaged or knocked around in a standard duffel or tote bag.
Here are some reasons a rolling makeup case is a better choice:
- It stays more level. Any bag that you carry on your shoulder will swing with your body weight. This can cause products to tip over or shuffle around.
- It’s healthier for your back. Regularly lugging heavy bags can lead to strained muscles, poor alignment, and repetitive-motion injuries.
- It’s better for long-distance traveling. Whether you’re walking to your gate at the airport or trying to navigate a huge event venue, it’s simply much easier to roll your case than to carry it.
Also, a makeup case on wheels is typically sturdier and larger than a standard train case, tote bag, or any of those makeup carrying cases you see in the cosmetics department. It’s designed to stay upright as well, which saves space and gives you easier access to your products.

What Type of Makeup Cases Does Lumina Pro Offer?

A great rolling makeup case has wheels, handles, upright design, and multiple compartments to efficiently store and transport all your makeup. If you’re looking for the perfect makeup train case, Canada-based Lumina Pro has an excellent option that doubles as a mobile makeup station. 
Lumina Pro’s MUA Rolling Travel Case is lightweight yet durable. It features multiple compartments, including removable canvas pouches and zippered pockets. At 54 cm tall, 36 cm wide, and 27 cm long, it’s small enough for travel yet roomy enough to store your entire kit. Extra zippered pockets on the side make it easy to transport brushes, hair styles, makeup wipes, and more.
This case is unique in that it combines the best features of a standard rolling suitcase with a makeup train case:
Sturdy double wheels with an extending handle: Easily pull your MUA Rolling Travel Case behind you, or collapse the extending handle and use the comfort-grip top handle to carry the bag.
Space-efficient. While designed to stand upright, each compartment is snug enough that you can turn the case sideways to fit in the overhead bin or under your seat.
Multiple drawers: Like a typical trolley case, Lumina Pro’s MUA Rolling Travel Case has stackable compartments and an upright design to prevent makeup products from tipping over.
Lumina Pro’s makeup case on wheels also has a couple of special features that you won’t find in a typical makeup train case. Every MUA will love the:
Detachable drawers. This is ideal for MUA artists on-the-go who may not have a lot of space to work. Simply remove the pouches you need and keep the case off to the side. 
Vertical storage pouches. Featuring one large zippered compartment on the right side and two medium pouches on the left, Lumina Pro’s MUA Rolling Travel Case allows you to transport your brushes, heat styling tools, and other large items. The side pockets are also perfect for storing hairspray, setting spray, and any product that needs to be kept upright.

Why Buy a Professional Makeup Case on Wheels from Lumina Pro?

When you store and transport your makeup efficiently and safely, you prevent damage to your expensive products. Plus, it’s easier to get to clients in any location — which opens up new opportunities for you! 
Lumina Pro’s MUA Rolling Travel Case makes it simple to take your makeup kit anywhere you go. It’s lightweight, unlike a typical makeup trolley case, yet durable enough to withstand travel. Internal zippered compartments offer better space-efficiency and organization than a plain old suitcase.
Its vertical storage compartments and convenient extending handle allow you to keep your case upright and your products safe. Once you arrive at your destination, remove the detachable pouches and set up your workstation however you’d like! This modular system means you can grab exactly what you need, so you can save time and space.
No more lugging around a heavy train case or trying to keep your products sorted in a duffel or tote bag. Choose the Lumina Pro MUA Rolling Travel Case and keep your precious makeup supplies stored in style!