Makeup Beauty Fridge

Did you know chilling your skin products helps de-puff your skin, reduces bacteria and extends the shelf life?! 

Pop all of your favourite products in your Beauty Fridge and watch your skin wake up in the morning. ☀️ Thanks us later!

Volume: 10L
Voltage: DC12V for home outlet, AC220V for car outlets
Cools down to: 3°C at 25°C ambient 
Warms up to: 50-65°C by thermostat
Dimensions: W: 29 cm * H: 33.5 cm * D: 23.8 cm 
Inner dimensions: W: 17 cm * H: 28 cm * D: 18.5 cm 
Exterior materials: Tempered glass door surface & white ABS (plastic)


1 x Beauty fridge
1 x AC power adapter
1 x DC car adapter
2 x removable internal shelves
1 x removable door shelf
1 x Skin Freeze exclusive sticker sheet

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✔ Moisturizers
✔ Face Masks
✔ Cleansers
✔ Serums 
✔ DIY Skin care
✔ Products with active ingredients
✔ Serums
✔ Jade Rollers & more


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Why Do You Need to Have A Mini Skincare Fridge?

Did you know that skincare products can spoil? While they are designed to be “shelf-stable” and last a long time, exposure to light or heat can shorten their lifespan. And if you use organic or raw skincare products (or make your own from natural ingredients), they spoil even more quickly. 

In any case, refrigerating your skincare products can help. It limits their exposure to oxygen and hinders the growth of bacteria. Plus, it makes them feel amazing on your skin! But you may be wondering: why not just put them in your regular refrigerator? 

Besides the potential ick factor of keeping your face masks and eye creams alongside your food, refrigerators are typically kept between 1.7 and 3.3°C (35 and 38°F). This might be a bit too cold for some products; you don’t want them to congeal or freeze.

That’s why a mini skincare fridge is the ideal solution: it chills your products to a pleasant temperature (no lower than 3°C or 37.4°F) and keeps them safe and clean. And despite their name, many beauty fridges come with a warmer setting so you can heat your hair oil treatments, face masks, and other products. Can your regular refrigerator do that?

Plus, a mini skincare fridge is the perfect addition to your makeup vanity. No more shuffling back and forth between your glam room and the kitchen to fetch your products. Everything you need is right at hand, secured within an adorable, glamorous mini cosmetics cooler.

What Type of Mini Skincare Fridge Does Lumina Pro Offer? 

Lumina Pro’s Makeup Beauty Fridge is designed to chill or warm your skincare products with greater energy-efficiency and a whimsical aesthetic. It features two removable internal shelves as well as a removable door shelf, so you can fit your beauty products perfectly! The spacious interior measures 17 cm wide, 28 cm tall, and 18.5 cm deep (6.7 in x 11 in x 7.3 in). It’s ideal for storing moisturizers, face masks, serums, and DIY skin care, as well as jade rollers, facial ice globes, and other beauty tools.

You can set our mini skincare fridge as low as 3°C (37.4°F) or as high as 65°C (149°F). This makes it suitable to be a cold storage solution or an easy warmer for products that work better heated! Plus, you can chill your eye creams and jade rollers for better lymphatic drainage and de-puffing.

Our fridge includes two power options: an AC adaptor suitable for wall sockets and a DC adaptor that can be used in your car — perfect for taking your mini beauty fridge on your travels! Sturdily constructed with tempered glass and white ABS plastic, this fridge is ideal for glamping, makeup artist gigs, vacations, or self-care time at your home vanity.