PRO Hollywood Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

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Go ahead. Treat yourself.

This life-sized Hollywood vanity mirror is our biggest offering to-date, with a smooth all-glass surface accented by chrome-tipped sockets.

Rock out to your party jams with our crisp dual speaker sound system. Simply connect your phone or Bluetooth enabled device to power up the dual speakers located on either side of the mirror.

Frame dimensions: W: 100cm x H: 75 cm x D :6cm (39.37" x 29.53" x 2.36")

Base Dimensions: W: 104cm x H: 18cm x D: 2cm (40.95" x 7.09" x 0.79" )

Package Size: W:134cm x H: 104.14cm x D:17cm (53"x41"x7")

Material: Aluminum frame + iron back + MDF rectangular base

Bluetooth Speakers: 2m range

LED Bulbs: 15pc x 3W

Weight: 40lbs

Warranty: 12-month manufacturer warranty

  • Bluetooth audio mirror
  • Built in wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Screen touch-sensitive control (play/pause/next)
  • 2 USB Port + 2 power sockets
  • Frosted LED bulbs
  • Pre-installed wall-mounting hardware
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Approved to Canadian Safety Standards

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Why Do You Need to Have a Hollywood Mirror With Lights?

The right lighting is crucial to optimal makeup application. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have good illumination at our vanity — which makes it very challenging to get our perfect makeup look!

Let’s talk about common vanity setups and why you need a professional-quality Hollywood mirror with lights:

If you do your makeup at the bathroom counter, your lighting is probably above your head. This means it’s casting a shadow below your eyes and cheekbones, which can make it hard to judge how much concealer or contouring you need. Also, the bulbs in those fixtures are often incandescent (tungsten) or fluorescent, both of which tint the light in an unflattering way. It’s difficult to get accurate colour when those green or orange hues are falling on your face.

Ideally, you have all-around illumination that lights your face from the side, as well as light fixtures that simulate natural daylight. This is the most colour-balanced, vibrant lighting that ensures you choose the right hues and intensity for your makeup design. If you do your makeup in this perfect lighting, it will look good in most other environments!

The best solution is a Hollywood vanity mirror. This is a two-in-one mirror with lights — no more doing your makeup in a dull bathroom mirror with poor lighting. If you’re eager to go pro with your makeup design, or if you’re shooting makeup demos or taking portraits, a Hollywood mirror is a must-have!

What Type of Hollywood Vanity Mirror Does Lumina Pro Offer?

To help both professional MUAs and aspiring beauty professionals get the vanity setup they deserve, Lumina Pro has designed a luxurious vanity mirror with lights.

Our Hollywood Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers features a crystal-clear reflective surface, a sturdy aluminium frame, and a durable iron back. The lights wrap around the top and sides of the mirror for balanced illumination, which will make your makeup design easier.

The mirror has frosted LED bulbs for vivid illumination that’s easy on the eyes. Fifteen 3W bulbs produce brilliant lighting that’s close to daylight, and you can tweak the brightness as well.

The mirror has 2 USB ports, perfect for charging mobile devices or tabletop fans, and 2 power outlets suitable for heat styling tools. This mirror is your singular destination for getting glammed up! And with powerful Bluetooth speakers and on-screen touch controls, you’ll be able to enjoy music as you do your makeup and hair as well.

Why Buy a Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers from Lumina Pro?

With balanced and natural illumination, clear reflection, and built-in convenient amenities, nothing compares to the Hollywood Mirror for makeup aficionados and pros. It can tie your entire vanity together as a centrepiece that’s both practical and elegant!

Adjust both the lighting and built-in Bluetooth speakers with touch-screen controls for a truly convenient glam room experience. You can power up your mobile devices and styling tools in the same place where you do your makeup — without sweating under dozens of incandescent bulbs.

The Hollywood Mirror is intuitive and sleek, so you can focus on your makeup rather than fuss with poor lighting. Plus, you get to listen to your favourite tunes as you glam up!

Turn your vanity into a professional-level glam room with Lumina Pro’s Hollywood Mirror with Lights and Bluetooth Speakers. You’ll wonder how you ever did your makeup anywhere else.