3 Slot Makeup Brush Organizer

Care for your brushes? Keep them organized and dust-free. 

*Brushes not included

Height: 22 cm (8.7")

Width: 20.8 cm (8.2")

Depth: 8.8 cm (3.5")

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Why Do You Need to Have a Makeup Brush Organizer?

Makeup brushes are easily damaged. If you’ve ever applied your powder only to discover that your fluffy brush left little stray hairs all over your face, you’ve seen the effects of brush damage! Brushes also collect a lot of dust, microbes, and oils — yuck. To keep them clean and long-lasting, it’s important to store them properly.

As with the rest of your makeup, storing your brushes in a damp or dusty bathroom drawer is the wrong way to go. A makeup brush organizer is the ideal solution. This way, your brushes can be stored the CUTE way:

Clean: Prevent dust, hairs, and chemicals (e.g., from hairspray) from collecting on the bristles.

Upright: Prevent damage to the handles and bristles by storing brushes business-end-up.

Tidy: Have your brushes sorted by type, size, shape, etc.

Easy to Grab: Streamline your makeup routine by keeping your brushes within reach — no more rummaging through drawers!

Clearly, proper brush storage is the way to go. In a pinch, you can store your brushes in mason jars, candle holders, or other items that can hold your brushes upright in a clean area. However, if you’re serious about taking care of your valuable tools, a professional makeup brush organizer is the ideal storage solution.

What Type of Makeup Brush Organizers Does Lumina Pro Offer?

Lumina Pro’s premium brush holder is made of high-quality acrylic, which is easy to clean, stain-proof, and attractive in any space. Our makeup brush organizer includes 5 compartments, each about 6 cm (2.5 in) wide, 9 cm (3.5 in) deep, and 22 cm (9 in) tall. This allows you to store your full variety of brushes, as well as spoolies, eyebrow brushes, jade rollers, and more.

The organizer also includes a flip-top lid, perfect for keeping dust and debris off your brushes. We still recommend keeping your organizer in a dry place (not your bathroom counter), but the lid will help keep humidity and spores out of your brushes — ensuring they stay clean and fresh for your next makeup session!


Why Buy Your Makeup Brush Organizer from Lumina Pro?

If you’re a makeup aficionado, you probably have quite the collection of brushes and other tools. Your vanity’s drawers might be overflowing — and if you have limited countertop space, that’s a problem! Plus, if you want to do makeup for clients, record demo videos, or simply apply makeup with less stress, you need an efficient, clean storage solution.

Lumina Pro’s Makeup Brush Organizer is sturdy, attractive, and easily cleaned, unlike the many cloth-based, small, or dust-magnet organizers on the market. Protect your brushes and ensure they remain sterile and shed-free for as long as possible. With a space-efficient, tidy, and professional-quality brush holder from Lumina Pro, you can level up your glam room and store your makeup brushes in style!